You're either a commodity or an expert.

OfferTherapy™ helps service providers tap into their innate expert positioning so they can charge higher fees, deliver better results, and simplify their business.

Welcome to OfferTherapy™

Hi! My name is Lynn Swayze, and I'm the founder of OfferTherapy™, a program that helps service providers move from commodity, generalist provider to in-demand and confident expert.

On this site, you'll find resources to help you:

  • Master Your Mindset, moving from "away from" to "toward" motivation
  • Align Your Messaging with your Positioning Factors™, building compelling offers and authority positioning
  • Optimize Your Marketing to better reach and serve your ideal clients

You'll find free resources in the form of OfferTherapy™ University, the blog, long-form guides, videos, and downloads.

You'll also be able to get coaching, copywriting, and mindset help when you're ready to get more personalized and advanced help.

Giving away free content is my way to give back and help more service providers have a greater positive impact on the world. . . including you!

About Lynn Swayze

A little about me: I've worked in marketing since my first job out of high school in 2005. I made the leap to full-time copywriter in 2015, and have worked in and out of the marketing world since then, serving as direct response copywriter, funnel strategist, marketing automation support, marketing manager, and positioning and offer coach.

And starting in 2023, I offer a Mindset Reboot for entrepreneurs ready to release limiting beliefs and fears and install a mindset conducive to success and abundance.

No matter my work, I have always specialized in helping experts: agencies, consultants, coaches, info-marketers, service professionals, lawyers, advisors, authors and freelancers.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Mastodon