OfferTherapy™ Helps Coaches, Consultants, and Agencies. . . 

Build Expert Positioning, Develop Competition-Proof Offers, & Shorten Sales Cycles

OfferTherapy™ transforms service providers into experts without wasting years of their life (and thousands of dollars!) figuring it out the hard way.

 OfferTherapy's systemized approach to positioning, offer building, messaging, and marketing makes selling services far easier, far faster, and far more profitable than ever before.

OfferTherapy™ in a Nutshell

OfferTherapy™ is a breakthrough holistic and systemized approach to positioning, offer building, messaging, and marketing based on Lynn Swayze's almost 20 years of in-the-trenches marketing and copywriting. Once you understand OfferTherapy™, you’ll understand how and why certain tactics work, how to build any offer from scratch, and how to leverage your Offer Factors™ in marketing messaging and sales outreach. 

The OfferTherapy™ Journey



Remove resistance that holds you back from building your profitable offer and expert positioning.



Align your Offer Factors™ to build your competition-proof offer and messaging that'll form the basis of marketing.



Launch your Irresistible Lead Magnets, Marketing for a Year™, and Sales Empowerment™ Campaigns. 

Imagine feeling confident when you pitch, knowing exactly how to market, & shortening your sales cycles while also commanding higher fees than you are right now.

OfferTherapy™ helps service-based experts, be they independent freelancers or agency leaders, overcome mindset blocks, develop competition-proof messaging & offers, and build marketing that shorten sales cycles. Click below to learn more.

for Agencies

Agencies who've tried OfferTherapy™ have found it easier to market their services and have closed bigger deals faster. You'll develop expert positioning, build an in-demand offer, and boost your sales efforts. 

for Experts

Earning more money with your consulting or coaching doesn't come by accident; it comes when your approach to marketing is systemized and holistice. With OfferTherapy™, you'll overcome your mindset blocks, step into expert positioning, and charge what you're worth. 

Hi, I'm Lynn Swayze

I'm the "Offer Whisper" and direct response copywriter for consultants, coaches, agencies, and "experts" who want to make more money by positioning with authority and building offers clients actually want.

My industry-leading clients have shortened their sales cycles and dramatically increased their revenue all thanks to OfferTherapy™ and the powerful, authority-building positioning my system gave them

In order to help you transform from struggling commodity provider to in-demand expert, I've created this site to serve as your path to expert positioning and a competition-proof offer whether you're just getting started or you're looking to level up your business. 

Look around, dig in, and start implementing! 

To your success,

"Whether it's B2B, B2C, technical, or highly emotional direct response, Lynn knows what she's doing and delivers winners." 

- Tony Policci, Direct Response Copywriter

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