Which of These Limiting Beliefs Are Holding You Back From Success?

Quick! Three questions for you ⬇️

  • Do you logically know what you should be doing, yet find yourself blocked from taking action? 
  • Do you have trouble seeing a crystal clear vision of who you can become and the success you can have?
  • Do you struggle with hearing unending negative thoughts about how stressed you are or how you'll fail? 

 If any of the above apply. . . or even when you're merely curious. . .take the quiz below to discover which limiting beliefs might be standing in the way of all the success you deserve in your life, relationships, and business.

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Since 2015, I've helped experts, information marketers, and agencies redefine their positioning and offers to go from commodity to competition-proof.

I created OfferTherapy™ to give experts everything they need to create successful personal brands they LOVE. Together, we'll build your success mindset, create an irresistible offer, and launch sales-generating and revenue-boosting marketing funnels. 

You'll feel empowered to build the business you've always dreamed of. And when you need extra help, I'll be here. Welcome to OfferTherapy™!

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"I've been struggling with website conversions for the past year or so. After I applied Lynn's feedback on my website, I got a conversion as soon as I rolled the new website out!"

- Hiram Issi, Interior Decorator

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Master Your Mindset

by Lynn SwayzeAugust 28, 2022

"Whether it's B2B, B2C, technical, or highly emotional direct response, Lynn knows what she's doing and delivers winners." 

- Tony Policci, Direct Response Copywriter


Align Your Messaging

by Lynn SwayzeAugust 28, 2022

"I got more from you from you in this convo than 1,000 hours of googling or from copy guru pitches. Thank you!"

- Direct Response Copywriter who prefers to stay anonymous


Activate Your Marketing

You Don't Have to Go it Alone

When you join OfferTherapy™ University as a member, you'll get the resources you need to upgrade your mindset, offers, and marketing messaging so that you are respected, paid what you're worth, and attract all the clients you deserve. Plus, I'll be there to support you every step of the way.


The first step to becoming an abundant expert is to master your mindset so you stop procrastinating and holding yourself back. You'll connect with your ideal future state, identify the limiting beliefs holding you back, and get real and experiential tools to build a mindset for success at the subconscious and conscious level. 


Once your mindset is on the right track, you'll feel comfortable stepping into the role of "expert" and building a high value offer. We'll explore your unique 11 Marketing Factors™ and how they contribute to creating an amazing offer and attractive marketing and sales messaging (read: content and copy).


Once your offer is built, then you need to get it in front of your ideal clients. This phase builds on everything else and brings your irresistible offer and 11 Marketing Factors™ messaging into actual marketing and sales funnels. You'll find guidance on creating website pages, Marketing for a Year™ content, and more.