Offer Mastery. Copy Excellence.  Marketing Results.

OfferTherapy™ Attracts the Right Clients
to Your Service Business

Service providers who meet their revenue goals have mastered these three elements in their business: 

  • They've aligned their Offer Factors™ to create clear offers that address the awareness level of their buyer, to capture attention and revenue at every point of the awareness journey
  • They've leveraged the Marketing Messaging Gap™ to write copy that attracts attention at every stage of the awareness journey
  • They've launched Marketing for a Year™ and Sales Empowerment Campaigns that keeps their brand top of mind 

At OfferTherapy™, we don't just focus on copywriting. Our unique system hones your brand's unique positioning, builds compelling offers buyers actually want, and launches converting marketing and sales funnels that actually generates sales and revenue.

So you can stop wasting your time, and start marketing more deliberately and profitably.

Marketing Support Designed
for Service Brands

In our experience, we've found that most service-based brands require the same types of copywriting and marketing help. Whether your brand is primarily a coaching program, a consulting service, an info-marketing brand, or an agency, you need all of the following installed in your business at some point:

OfferTherapy Workshop™ 

Workshop to identify your brand's Offer Factors™, Ideal Core Offers, and Messaging Foundation

Marketing for a Year™ 

We'll develop marketing assets like ads, social media, blog content, video content, emails, and more to keep you top of mind

Irresistible Offer Stack

We'll launch converting offers for every stage of the awareness journey, from unaware to solution aware

Sales Empowerment 

We'll fuel your sales team results by building sales enablement materials like case studies, ABM campaigns, etc

Fractional CMO

Ongoing Marketing Management and Oversight of Your Marketing & Sales Operations

  • A holistic, big picture view and level-set of your business, your goals, your buyer's awareness journey, and the core offers in your offer stack (OfferTherapy)
  • Ongoing advertising and marketing content that captures attention, keeps your brand top of mind, and pulls people into your database (Marketing for a Year)
  • Differentiated and deliberately-designed offers for each state of the marketing messaging gap (Irresistible Offer Stack)
  • Sales-focused content which encourages buyers at the solution-aware stages to buy now (Sales Empowerment)
  • Ongoing management of your marketing and sales activities to ensure that your RevOps teams are working together, working deliberately, and generating revenue results (Fractional CMO)
  • What's the Problem with
    Most Marketing Campaigns?

    At many established agencies and consultantcies, lead generation is ineffective and haphazard. Usually, the sales team is responsible for generating leads, directing marketing efforts, finding opportunities, and closing new deals. If marketing is involved at all, it's to help produce case studies, publish a blog post or two, and maybe manage the booth at the conference. And even if there are traffic drivers like advertising on board, there's often little attention to how the top-of-funnel traffic aligns with bottom-of-funnel sales goals.

    There's little alignment between sales and marketing otherwise, and it's unclear how marketing contributes to sales. At worse, marketing and sales aren't always staying in their zone of genius to help push revenue. Sales gets all the credit and none of the help! The company is growing, but not nearly as fast as it could.

    I believe that just because this is the status quo, doesn't mean that this is how it has to be!

    The Old Way

    The New Way

    There's a better way to grow your revenue this year. With OfferTherapy, you align marketing, sales, and service under the same banner: growing more revenue. Everyone is accountable for lead quality, lead quantity, and customer retention. Everyone shares what they know to help improve activities. One united team, three different departments.

    The "Messaging Gap" Costing Your Business Money Right Now

    So many agencies miss out by launching two types of content to their audience: 

    • Unaware marketing content
    • Product-aware sales content

    The problem is that your ideal clients are sitting in between these two extremes. . . 

    Which means, you have a "messaging gap" to cross if you want more booked calls and closed deals this year.

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